The Archipelagos Institute is continuing to make progress in the installation and licensing of the Aegean Marine Life Sanctuary thanks to the intensive work of our research teams over the last year and a half. This endeavour takes place without any national or EU funding. Through the creation of the Aegean Marine Life Sanctuary, Archipelagos aims to correct decades of mismanaged resources in Greece and inefficient action, which among other resulted in the failure to provide marine animals with suitable rehabilitation facilities.

The Aegean Marine Life Sanctuary aims to become the first of a series or equivalent sanctuaries that will be created in various parts of the world. This facility that will be able to offer refuge, veterinary care for standed marine mammal and turtles, but also eventual release of formerly captive marine animals, within an environment as close as possible to their natural ecosystem.

Despite the important international support of this effort, we also experience the expected underground processes, that originate from the Greek “environmental lobby”, which as usual operate in a slanderous manner and are never openly expressed. Therefore, as we are recording the process of creation of the Aegean Marine Life Sanctuary, we are also recording in parallel the course of action of all those who are attempting to inhibit or delay in numerous ways, this important endeavor. Both recordings will be very interesting to become publicized.