For third successive year, Archipelagos Institute in cooperation with scientists from Norwegian University of Life Sciences, continues the innovative action of monitoring the nesting behavior of the rare Eleonora’s falcon (Falco eleonorae). Every spring they migrate from Madagascar to the Mediterranean and mainly to the Aegean, where 2/3 of the global population of this rare species are nesting. Research focuses on small uninhabited islets of the Permanent Wildlife Refuge of Arki and N. Patmos.

Making use of contemporary technology of passive monitoring, in cooperation with a special software developed by the researchers of the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, we are able to monitor the nesting behavior of the faclons, as well as the ecology of the species, during day and night, eliminating the disturbance that human presence would cause), the nesting behavior of Eleonora’s falcon.

We would like to thank the Helllenic Rescue Team of Samos for their help to approach the islets.