The monk seal ‘Argiro’ not only acts as an ambassador for the unique natural environment of Samos but also for the people who are passionate towards the exceptional natural heritage of the Greek island and who continuously strive to protect it. You can read the Greek version of the article here:

Due to the refugee crisis the eastern Aegean islands have had an onslaught of continuous negative publicity, therefore there is a great need for change and positivity.

For almost 20 years, Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation has conducted great efforts towards the conservation of the Aegean Sea and also to publicize its special natural wealth. Throughout just one year, over 500 students, scientists and researchers from Europe, America, Asia, Canada, Australia and Africa contribute to this conservation effort at Archipelagos’ research bases in the Aegean.

During the many months of their stay in the Aegean, they contribute via the work and expertise demonstrated in the actions of environmental conservation by Archipelagos and in the framework of their undergraduate and postgraduate research projects.