Koufonisia Classical Music Festival 2020 supports the conservation efforts of Archipelagos-Institute of Marine Conservation and more specifically, the Aegean Marine Life Sanctuary that is currently under construction on the island of Lipsi.

With the aim of cultural decentralization, Koufonisia Classical Music Festival 2020  is being held for the 5th consecutive year, from July 19th to August 29th, consisting of high level concerts by prominent classical music artists from all around the world.
As an environmental awareness initiative, the Festival has set up an optional financial support fund this year, the donations of which will be given to support the creation of the Aegean Marine Life Sanctuary, based on Lipsi Island.
This synergy and the development of common goals between people of art, science and the conservation, reminds us once again of the common need and responsibility that we all share to preserve the unique natural heritage of the Aegean Sea.