The joint Educational Oceanographic Research Course between the University of Essex, the University of Cardiff and Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation was successfully completed in two consecutive periods during September 2018, in the marine region between Samos, Fourni and Ikaria.

The multi-diciplinary research that was conducted included:

–  the use of cartographic vessel “Okeanos” and the application of state-of-the-art equipment, by which the detailed mapping of the area of Poseidonia seagrass meadows is conducted.

–  monitoring of cetacean populations and their communication methods with the assistance of ‘’Naftilos’’ research boat and crew, with the use of a hydrophone array system.

– Archipelagos’ laboratories, where samples from different levels of the marine trophic chain are being analysed in order to quantify the extent of microplastic pollution.

It is also remarkable that for the 11th year, the University of Cardiff works closely together with Archipelagos Institute for the implementation of a joint Oceanographic Research Course in the marine region between Samos, Fourni and Ikaria.

The state of the art research equipment is a valuable tool for Archipelagos to continue to defend our marine ecosystems. However, these tools alone are not enough. We are in great need a new generation of scientists who have knowledge and expertise, but also strong values of environmental conservation.