In the framework of the intermediterranean action entitled LANDCARE, Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation, in cooperation with eight Universities and research institutions from South Europe, study methods and practices for the restoration of degraded and eroded land in vulnerable regions. The Greek partners of the project include also the Faculty of Geology and Geoenvironment of Athens University.

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During the past decades, many different areas and habitats within the Mediterranean region are under threat or have already succumb to occurrences of land degradation (soil erosion, over-grazing, wildfires etc), which in turn affects important sectors of the economy (agriculture, fishing, tourism) and the supply of vital goods (drinking water, food).


Landcare project provides an important opportunity to develop practical solutions to key problems related to land degradation. Currently, Archipelagos’ research focuses on the monitoring of the vulnerability, as well as the recovery rate of areas which have been impacted by fire. Our priority to address the effects of erosion in the islands of the eastern Aegean, as the human influence over the past decades in many of these regions, causes the non-reversible loss for fertile ground which required many centuries to form.