Last week marked the beginning of the first installation of informational points on the environment and biodiversity of the islands of Samos County at the island’s international airport.

Our aim is to inform the over 250,000 passengers who pass through the airport every year of the unique biodiversity of Samos, which is considered the arc of biodiversity among the Mediterranean islands. In this way we aim to cover the important existing gap in the information of the islands’ visitors, in relation to nature, as well as to contribute to the minimization of the environmental footprint of the thousands of visitors in the area.

This action is self-funded by Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation, and the North Aegean District Authorities, in close cooperation with Fraport, the airport management company.






The design of the informational material was carried out by Archipelagos’ Media Team Members Talaya Kautz (Bemidji State University, USA) and Emily Snieckus (University of Maine, USA), in cooperation with researchers from Archipelagos Institute.