The numerous, smaller or larger, illegal and destructive fishing practices, are a major problem that contributes to the emptying of our seas.

In the framework of the work we carry out in Archipelagos, for the creation of a co-managed fisheries recovery area in the island complex in Lipsi, today we encountered one more such incident: a boat-seiner was fishing illegally, very close to the shore in only 25 metres depth.

In close cooperation with the fisheries association of Lipsi, and with the immediate response of the port police station of the island, this incident was addressed.

The fishing community of this island is determined to no longer tolerate the robbery of their fishestocks with illegal and destructive practices.

In Archipelagos we actively support this effort of the local community of Lipsi. At the same time, we are also preparing for another difficult winter and a battle to be given, against pirate fisheries, throughout the Greek Seas.