Within one week, 4 jackals of the species Canis aureus were found dead and 1 young was found injured on the island of Samos. It has to be noted that Samos is the only island of the Mediterranean which supports a population of the Golden Jackal.

The reason for which these mammals are becoming so vulnerable to collisions with cars, is an issue we should investigate further, as there is serious evidence that the jackals have been poisoned, either via primary or secondary poisoning, i.e. either by consuming poisoned bates or poisoned animals, eg rodents. 

The young jackal that is injured is being treated by

 the veterinarian of Archipelagos Institute, Dr Guido Pietroluongo, in cooperation with the Hellenic wildlife care association ΑΝΙΜΑ – Σύλλογος Προστασίας και Περίθαλψης Άγριας Ζωής .


 We need to thank ANIMA for the invaluable guidance and support that they offer us for the past years, in the numerous incidents of injured wild animals that we have to address every year, in various parts of the Greek seas.