These days Archipelagos’ researchers in cooperation with scientists from the international educational organization Operation Wallacea are running a field course for final year students of Royal Holloway University of London. This field course was prepared and designed during the previous 2 years by the academics of Royal Holloway University, in cooperation with scientists from Archipelagos and Operation Wallacea. This course aims to offer to the students, hands-on experience in the fields of applied research and conservation, through Archipelagos’ action.


The course focuses on several different fields such as:
– lab research for the study of the extent of distribution of microplastic fibres within marine ecosystems,
– Field research on terrestrial zoology for the study of chameleons, jackals, bird and insects
– Field research on marine ecosystems, eg for the mapping of coastal ecosystems and the protected seagrass meadows.


This field course is part of a study-abroad programme that will be attended this year by over 350 students from 22 countries, who visit for this purpose the Aegean in the island where Archipelagos’ research bases are located. These are annual courses which are gradually becoming part of the university/school syllabus with requirement of the presence of the students in the Aegean!