As the southerly winds and the rain have changed the scenery in the Aegean, the crew of the “Aegean Explorer” and “Pinelopi” have found a safe shelter in the port. However, we take advantage of the rough seas to analyse the data we have collected when out in the open sea.

Every expedition in the Aegean is unique, even in waters the we have been surveying for over 2 decades! During the last expedition we monitored populations of Risso’ s dolphins, sperm whales, Cuvier’ beaked whales and common dolphins (which are rare – despite what their name implies). In addition, with the continued assistance of the fishermen on Fourni island, we concluded preparations for the mapping of the extensive coralligenous habitats, what is rightfully referred to as “ the best-kept secret” of the Aegean. The 3D mapping of this fragile and highly productive protected habitat will be the focus of an upcoming expedition, once the weather conditions allow it.

In the port, the preparations for the upcoming, difficult expeditions continue intensively. The goal of the research and conservation teams of Archipelagos Institute is to have eyes on the Aegean every day!