Recently, we had the pleasure to welcome students from the secondary school and high school of Lipsi, the island where the Aegean Marine Life Sanctuary and a great part of the International School of the Seas are located.

During their visit, students and educators attended presentations about the biodiversity of the island and the surrounding seas. In addition, they visited the microplastics laboratory to discuss with the researchers about the plastic pollution problem and used the microscopes to observe microplastic fibers found in different levels of the food chain.

Tα σχολεία των Λειψών στο Καταφύγιο Θαλάσσιας Ζωής Αιγαίου του «Αρχιπελάγους»
Tα σχολεία των Λειψών στο Καταφύγιο Θαλάσσιας Ζωής Αιγαίου του «Αρχιπελάγους»

Of course, the presentation also focused on the Aegean Marine Life Sanctuary and the active part we’d like the island’s new generation to have on this challenging project. Except for the educational activities that are related to environmental conservation awareness, it is equally important that during these visits, students have the chance to meet and interact with Archipelagos’ researchers and scientists.

Despite the heavy workload, during the past 24 years we welcome students and educators from all over Greece. These educational classes, which of course we offer free-of-charge, are the greatest investment for the future of our seas.

Lipsi school at the Aegean Marine Life Sanctuary
Lipsi school at the microplastics laboratory in the Aegean Marine Life Sanctuary

With the end of the school year around the corner, we are happy to be hosting more education trips from schools from the nearby islands. Hopefully, next year the restrictions of the covid-19 pandemic will be over, and we’ll achieve our goal to have even more educational schools from the islands visiting our premises in order to prepare the younger generation to deal with all the problems that will inherit from us; something that should have been the responsibility of the state.