Archipelagos’ Eco-navigation project focuses on creating a citizen-science platform about observations of marine mammals (dolphins, whales, seals), sea turtles, invasive species and jellyfish blooms, as well as pollution incidents (plastic debris, oil slicks, etc.) or other unusual sightings. In this way we are in the process of forming a network of sailors, divers, fishermen and sea enthusiasts who will contribute to the Eco-Navigation network by providing information and photographs of the observations they make on or at sea. The aim of this project is to create an online community and a database concerning the status of the Greek Seas and whole Mediterranean, from the observations of sailors and sea enthusiasts.

During this month, we have continued to hand out the Eco-Navigation booklet to sailors. Furthermore we are currently finalizing an Eco-Navigation leaflet, which is a summarized version of the booklet, to give sailors a shorter, quicker overview of our project. 

We are continuing to update our database with new information that community members are sending us via our email address. Expanding the project to Lipsi island is another progress we have made. Next month we are aiming to continue the awareness raising efforts in Samos as well as Lipsi and increase the frequency of our work to strengthen the Eco-Navigation network.

Thalia Kardamakis, Walddörfer-Gymnasium, Germany