First place in the category “DLR Energy & Environmental Challenge” at the International Competition for space applications, the Copernicus Masters, was awarded to the Archipelagos’ scientific team.

Τhe European Space Agency’s annual international competition was held last week in Berlin. In this international competition, in which Greece was represented for the first time, four Greek groups, including Archipelagos, won prizes.

Archipelagos’ application: “Seagrass in HD” was developed by Demosthenes Traganos and Samuel Matthews.

This is a new method for mapping and monitoring of seagrass meadows worldwide, which will have a pilot application in the Aegean Sea with a focus on the meadows of endemic seagrass Posidonia oceanica.

More specifically, using satellite data which are verified by field research in the Aegean, Archipelagos can map the distribution of the seagrass meadows in a direct and stable manner. This allows Archipelagos to also assess the degradation rate, as well as the effectiveness of the management measures applied for seagrass conservation.

This application also involved the creation of a network of universities, research institutions, non-governmental organisations, as well as companies engaged in quality marine ecotourism. The common aim of the network is the effective monitoring and protection of seagrass, which is of fundamental importance to the productivity and health of our seas, but also maintains great socio-economic importance.

Archipelagos’ researchers, since 2006, have been working on applications of mapping for the protection of coastal marine ecosystems, via field research, satellite imagery and cooperation with scientific institutions abroad.

Archipelagos will continue exploiting new technological methods to produce a high level of research, with the aim to support actions for the effective conservation of the rich biodiversity of our seas.