Archipelagos Institute recently started a cooperation with the international airport of Samos, aiming to contribute to the protection of the airport from wildlife and birds that may enter the area from the nearby wetlands.

Samos airport, which serves a large number of international flights every week, was constructed many years ago, close to a wetland. Even though it fulfills all necessary international prerequisites in its construction and its fencing, it is difficult to completely prevent wildlife from entering from the nearby wetland. The biggest concern of the airport safety personnel is the potential entering of jackals in the area.


With the aim to contribute to the development of management practices that will solve this problem in the long-term, Archipelagos’ researchers offer voluntary work, both by direct observation as well as through the use of specialized equipment, supporting the Samos Airport Management Authorities, following a relevant permission from the Civil Aviation Service.
It has to be emphasized that Samos airport is a very safe airport, even though it is situated in a difficult area, in relation to the presence of wildlife.