In order to strengthen the cooperation between the Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation and the Hellenic Rescue Team of Samos, a new training and skills exchange partnership has been launched in the past few days, which will continue for the next upcoming months.

The Hellenic Rescue Team of Samos, one of the best trained rescue teams in the Aegean, has been offering a great deal to both island communities and the refugee crisis. Following years of collaboration with the Archipelagos Institute and with the aim of developing new and more effective synergies, this new transfer of knowledge and skills is offered voluntarily by both organisations.

Archipelagos’ Institute researchers train rescuers in marine animal rescue techniques and first aid practices, while rescuers transfer their knowledge to Archipelagos’ Institute researchers and interns on issues related to maritime crisis, which is very much a marine crisis, something that is considered valuable knowledge as we are at sea for 12 months a year, often under adverse conditions.

Both organisations share our love for the sea, but we are also fully aware of the dangers that arise when there is no knowledge and respect for the sea. Therefore, this new phase of cooperation aims to share knowledge and develop new skills so that members of both organisations can offer their services to anything in need in the sea – be they people or marine species in need of medical care or first aid.

Rescue and conservation at sea is not a matter of few, but it is a shared responsibility for all who are at sea, either for professional or recreational purposes. As the ability to effectively intervene to rescue a human or animal in the sea requires knowledge, we hope that other groups of citizens across Greece will also participate in such corresponding training actions.

Our goal as Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation is to help with whatever means and forces we have so that our love for nature and the sea is not just limited to intentions, but also reflected in our daily actions.