Making best use of the calm seas of the autumn, we are trying to cover as much as possible the large knowledge gaps in relation to life in our seas and the factors of threat.

The boat Naftilos with Archipelagos’ Marine Mammal Research Team, have been surveying the waters between Ikaria and Chios island and with the use of a sophisticated hydrophone array system are monitoring the communication sounds of dolphins and whales as well as the levels of underwater noise pollution. Sampling for the assessment of the levels of plastic pollution in the region are also carried out during the surveys. 

The boat Okeanos with Archipelagos’ GIS team are using state-of-the-art equipment, conducting detailed mapping of the area covered by the protected and productive Posidonia seagrass meadows in the marine region of Agathonisi island.

This research is carried out as part of the cooperation between Archipelagos Institute and UNEP/MAP – SPA/RAC (The Regional Activity Centre for Specially Protected Areas of the UN Environment Programme) and focuses in the parallel monitoring of the key “common biodiversity indicators”, i.e. marine mammals, turtles and seabirds, protected marine habitats (seagrass meadows and coralligene reefs), as a well as of the spread of invasive marine species. 
Research at sea will continue throughout the autumn and winter, apart from the days when weather conditions do not allow it.