The 6th Mediterranean Conference on Marine Turtles, which took place last week in Porec Croatia, brought about many exciting outcomes for the conservation of these charismatic animals. The research of Archipelagos Institute that was presented in the Conference showed evidence of key foraging and nesting areas in the Aegean islands for both the Loggerhead Turtle and the Green Turtle, highlighting the severe need for protection of these important marine habitats.

The “Marine Litter” workshop chaired by Dr. Guido Pietroluongo, the Head of Archipelagos’ Marine Mammal and Sea Turtle Research, was attended by many keen participants and highlighted the need to establish standard protocols and to propose mitigation solutions. The workshop resulted in a productive discussion, and aimed to move the focus from data collection into how the research can be used to address to the cause of the problems putting at threat the survival of marine turtles, and of life in general in our seas.