The documentary produced by the German public television channel WDR  presents the research and conservation actions conducted by Archipelagos Institute, aiming to combat over-intensive aquaculture practices and to promote sustainable aquaculture in the Aegean and the Mediterranean sea.

 Aquaculture in Greece has developed in recent decades, sadly under the criteria of economists and not the fish farmers and sustainable fish production.. The companies that make up the majority of the Greek aquaculture industry were founded using European subsidies, were later supported by the stock market and now are indebted under bank supervision and sell their products at extremely low prices. These practices lead the Greek aquaculture industry to collapse while also excert negative pressures to the few, relatively small companies (that managed to survive the unfair competition) who insist on using a more sustainable approach, both environmentaly and economically.

Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation has been supporting sustainable practices and investments while clearly opposing over-intensive aquaculture practices that aim for a fast profit whilst destroying the marine environment and fisheries of the region as well as the aquaculture sector itself

Aiming at promoting truly sustainable fish farming in the Mediterranean, a new collaboration has started between Archipelagos Institute and the University of Kiel in Germany. The latter hosts one of the most highly specialized laboratories on this sector and has strong research presence in different marine areas of the world.

This action is carried out in collaboration with selected Greek fish farmers,who realize that sustainable fish farming is the only viable solution that can ensure both good quality and pricing and therefore the long term viability of their businesses. In the coming weeks, Archipelago’s new research station, within the Aquaculture Park of north Leros, with a focus on sustainable aquaculture will start operating. For this purpose, we will also install the first high-tech data logging station that will be used for the estimation of the true carrying capacity of the aquaculture units.

The installation and operation of this equipment, as well as of the research station overall, is self-funded by Archipelagos Institute in collaboration with the University of Kiel. This is a prerequisite to ensure the main objectives of the results are produced.

We will soon inform you about the progress of this important action.