Yet another important partnership of the Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation is added to the long list of collaborations with research and educational institutions from all over the world.

Last week, after a year of preliminary work, Archipelagos signed a memorandum of collaboration with the Sri Lankan international educational institute “INTEC-Asia Campus”.

“INTEC-Asia Campus” was created in 2011 with a purpose of educating the students of the greater area of SE Asia in various fields of science, technology and economics.

Our aim is the exchange of knowledge and expertise in matters concerning environmental protection and conservation. In that frame we are expecting the participation of the academics and students of the “INTEC-Asia Campus” in applied environmental research with their presence in Archipelagos’ research bases in the Aegean.

This will be reciprocated by Archipelagos working with the scientific group of “INTEC-Asia Campus” in the fields of research – sharing a common goal: The application of environmental protection practices in dealing with equivalent environmental threats in the Mediterranean and Sri Lanka.

For this purpose, Archipelagos’ research team will visit the educational institute in Sri Lanka at the end of the following spring.

Archipelagos aims to contribute to the overall effort of “INTEC-Asia Campus” to protect and promote the special environmental characteristics of Sri Lanka, a country which after the 25 year long civil war (that ended just in 2009), has now entered a development route.

Archipelagos will continue to work hard, aiming to protect the rare natural ecosystems of the Greek seas islands, as well as promoting the sustainable use of our natural resources for purposes of sustainable development. It is for that purpose we invite and promote international collaboration. Such collaboration can offer us much needed expertise and knowledge to further equip us for achieving our aims.