Apart from Archipelagos’ research and conservation actions, over the last years we have been experimenting with small scale applications of renewable energy sources (RES). Archipelagos’ renewable energy research team is one of the most creative and active teams. 13645083_10153767454595878_6513872564799838166_n

They are experimenting with using small scale RES applications, such as solar desalinators, wind generators, solar panels, solar heaters, biodiesel (which we produce from recycled cooking oils), biogas (which we produce by recycling the organic waste from our kitchen), as well as solar cookers -based on the principle of Archimedes’ parabolic reflector. 13612387_10153767454690878_3329559131885250539_n

All this will soon be in full practice in the research centre of the “Natural Marine Refuge” of Lipsi island, which will operate using exclusively renewable energy sources, having zero carbon footprint.13599851_10153767454450878_6076059131446316455_n