In the framework of the 10th Regional Growth Conference that took place in the Conference & Cultural Center of the University of Patras, the Scientific Director of Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation, Anastasia Miliou participated in the session “Marine Environment Protection & Citizen Science.”

“Environmental conservation is a responsibility we all share. As the time is running out our actions and their results must now be in real time and not in bureaucratic time. Civil society plays a significant role in his great effort through knowledge sharing and implementation of common initiatives in cooperation with fishermen and other citizens who are active at or near the sea, such as sailing, water sports, diving and environmental clubs,” Ms. Miliou stated.

The Director of Corporate Communication & Sustainable Development of Gefyra SA, Giannis Freris, referred to the collaboration with the Archipelagos Institute that started in 2007 and shaped the character of corporate social responsibility of the company.

The discussion was coordinated by George Papatheodorou, Professor of “Environmental and Geological Oceanography” in the Geology Department and Dean of the School of Natural Sciences of the University of Patras.

You can watch RGC 2022 DAY#1 here.