Alive swimming in the shallow beach of Mesakti beach on Friday 13/9 pm, a dolphin of the species Grampus griseus which was ” left ” and washed up on the land where it left its last breath.

According to the first information given to us by the institute “Archipelago” the dolphin is located in the open seas, migrating to few groups, not easily people and must have died of pathological causes, that is their usual behavior, to come out on land for the last goodbye when things don’t work out.


The Immediate treatment of such incidents is beyond informing the port municipal authorities and the removal of animal pollution from communication with bodies dealing with the sea bed. Mrs Miliou expressed her thanks to the people who were found in this incident and informed the orders of the vet of the institute at the same time announced an open invitation to bodies, clubs, residents of our islands for the creation of such events.