During the past 2 months a young seal often appears in the coasts of Samos and is closely monitored by Archipelagos’ scientists. The young seal, which luckily is in good health, has a special behavior: Instead of avoiding humans as would be expected, it approaches more and more inhabited areas. This behavior however is not only rare but also dangerous for the seal. This is because it ignores the fact that the greatest threat of its species are human beings, so it is vital that Archipelagos’ researchers limit interaction with people – although this is not easy as the young seal approaches house yards and crowded beaches.

At the same time, the seal carries a message of hope because we are pleased to see that there is a change in the way people view these animals. For example, a couple of farmers had undertaken monitoring for 10 days, even though they had to climb to a craggy shore daily to assure that the animal was safe and sound, and to notify us accordingly. We also saw the case of another family, whose child had recently attended environmental protection courses that Archipelagos’ researchers had given, and was able to inform his parents about how to deal with such cases as well as to respect and love this animal. Such cases make us more optimistic about the future and confirm our belief that the efforts we make towards awareness and proper information of society has great results.

We will keep you updated about our little social visitor!