The Salt Marsh Psili Ammos is a small, yet of great environmental significance, wetland located in SE Samos. More than 150 protected bird species, as well as several other rare fauna and flora species find there a safe shelter. Despite the fact that it’s been a Natura 2000 site for years, unfortunately no protection/management measures have been applied so far.

For the last 3 years, the research team of Archipelagos, Institute for Marine Conservation, has been monitoring almost daily this unique ecosystem, in an effort to record its biodiversity and assess human impact.
Our multidisciplinary approach focuses on recording the populations of native and migratory birds and animals that seek shelter there, the flora and macrofauna, as well as the physicochemical parameters of the wetland.

Close co-operation with the local societies, in order to implement measures of sustainable management, is vital for the long-term protection of this unique insular ecosystem.