Today the 50th CIESM – Mediterranean Science Commission Workshop is being completed in Paris with a focus on “Direct impacts of marine species on human activities – scientific vs stakeholders perceptions”.
In 4 days of workgroup meetings between 21 expert scientists from 13 countries, the focus is:
– the process of change of the Mediterranean Sea due to the human activity (overfishing, pollution), but also due to climate change and the spread of invasive species;
– the way these changes are perceivedby scientists and stakeholders;
– the increasing necessity for development of common and efficient initiatives and synergies between scientists, fishermen, authorities and other stakeholders, for the sustainable management of marine resources but also for the necessary adaptation to the new conditions which will be gradually formed in our seas.

Archipelagos Institute is represented in this workshop by Anastasia Miliou, which takes part with main focus the “Interactions between marine mammals and fisheries practices in the eastern Aegean and Levantine Sea, as well as the trends over time over the last 2 decades, with the influence of the increasing levels of overfishing.