Today, the 19th World Marine Mammal Conference started in Barcelona, Spain, with the theme “Together for Science and Conservation”. It is the biggest international conference about marine mammals with the participation of attendees coming from more than 95 different countries of the world.

Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation takes part in this conference with the participation of 3 scientists and 2 associates, who are presenting 4 scientific contributions on:
– Habitat use and behavioural study of the Mediterranean monk seal (Monachus monachus)
– A cost-efficient standardised methodology for microplastics analysis: Case study of cetaceans and Mediterranean monk seals stranded on the eastern Aegean Sea coastline,
– Diet ecology assessment of cetaceans and Mediterranean monk seals stranded on the coasts of the Eastern Aegean Sea
– An alternative to captive cetacean displays in the Mediterranean: The Aegean Marine Life Sanctuary.

As the increasing pressure faced by marine ecosystems and marine mammals is not a local but a global problem, it is very important to develop efficient synergies between specialised organisations around the world. While covering the large knowledge gaps related to these special marine species and the factors that threaten them, it is important this to be coupled by conservation actions that cause efficient results in conservation and are not just one more communication or beaurocratic approach.