Even though the daily workload for us all in Archipelagos is large, we don’t forget our obligation to share the love and need for nature conservation with young children. Its them who will be expected to manage the numerous environmental problems that are being created by our generations…

Even though we normally don’t have time for such activities during the week, in the weekends with every opportunity we invite children in our research bases or boats, so that they can get to know the nature of their island but also the ways in which they can actively contribute to its conservation. This is the largest investment we can make for the future of our seas.

The photos are from the activities of last Sunday, in Archipelagos’ research base in Pythagorio, Samos, in which primary school students took part. Unfortunately, the Greek education system, with its many shortcomings, does not give the necessary attention to the development of effective environmental awareness and knowledge. Thus, student education in environmental matters is largely based on the good intention and initiatives of a minority of teachers who have a strong interest in environmental education and stewardship.

On the other hand, we see many schools from abroad (from EU countries, USA, New Zealand, India, Jordan, etc.) who are going to great lengths to participate in environmental protection actions at the Archipelagos Institute and become familiar with the unique biodiversity of the Aegean Sea. Next week, we expect students and teachers from a high school from Indianapolis, USA, travelling more than 10,000 kilometers, to come to the Aegean for precisely this purpose. We hope to see an increase in Greek students taking part in environmental actions, both those organized by the Archipelagos Institute, and other similar organizations.