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Population Genetic Structure of Octopus Vulgaris

Population Genetic Structure of Octopus Vulgaris.
Alexandre Jassoud, Matthew Lucas, Tania Lado Insua, Anastasia Miliou, Nikolaos Schizas

The common octopus O . vulgaris , is thought to have a cosmopolitan distribution and can be found worldwide between 50 N and 50 S (Figure 1). Despite the commercial importance of O. vulgaris, its distribution and genetic population structure are relatively unknown. Studies on the genetic population structure of O. vulgaris began with Söller et al. (2000), who concluded that the O. vulgaris from Caribbean are phylogenetically closer to O. bimaculoides than to O. vulgaris from Europe and that is a paraphyletic species. Oosthuizen et al. (2004) compared African and European populations to those in Taiwan and the Caribbean Sea.