‘Having recently graduated from a degree studying biomedical sciences in Edinburgh, I am currently working towards pursuing a career in science media, specifically relating to filmmaking. So, after finding out Archipelagos offered a documentary filmmaking internship, it was a very fitting decision to come to Greece for a few months. It has been great experience for me so far, having the opportunity to work alongside environmental scientists, following and documenting the research they are carrying out. I am also learning a lot about the wildlife, terrestrial and marine, from all of the other keen volunteers, an area I have always had an interest in.

More specifically, my main project focused on microplastics on creating an informative and insightful short film following the research of other interns, ultimately describing what microplastics are, their environmental impact and linking to the future of our planet. It is a very important topic right now so I am excited to give it coverage. It has involved doing my own research and planning, from storyboards to narration scripts, conducting interviews, cinematography around the island (including underwater filming) and even a stop-motion animation!

You can view my short documentary on our YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lrkxBQImftw) and Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/Archipelago.gr/videos/594222597962968).

Secondly, I am also following the jackal population on Samos, using the jackal-cams and bioacoustics surveys from previous interns. This population of Canis aureus in Samos is genetically unique so it’s been really interesting to learn more about them and how to protect them while also capture the local populations in action!

Robert Miller
Biomedical Studies, Edinburgh
On site intern at Archipelagos’ Media team