My name is Delaney Rea, and I’m from the United States. I graduated from the University of Oregon in June of 2018 with a degree in journalism and multimedia, with an emphasis on video and design. At Archipelagos, I’m a member of the media team. I mainly work on video projects for the organization, but I also lend a hand with materials for the website and newsletter.

After leaving my last job as a video editor at a small film production company in Portland, Oregon, I decided that I needed to travel and expand my experience working outside of a structured film set environment. After some research into opportunities, I found out about Archipelagos and decided it would be the right place to accomplish my goals.

Currently, I’m developing a documentary about Archipelagos’ marine mammal team. Most days, I edit and refine footage for the project. Whenever there’s a chance to shadow some of the crew and film things like macroplastics, I try to take advantage of that. Other than that, I balance different needs for the work being done by the media team in general. I work on my projects mostly independently, but I receive valuable help from the rest of the media team. In this kind of business, it is essential to learn how to cooperate!

I have been able to deepen my skills in videography due to a lot of great opportunities to film different processes here, including all the different surveys. I have also learned a lot about marine biology and marine conservation, topics I had limited knowledge about before I started the internship.

Like most interns here, I love the location and people of Archipelagos. It’s a one-of-a-kind workplace and being able to live and work in this great small community is something I am grateful for.

Delaney Rea
Journalism and multimedia, University of Oregon
On site intern at Archipelagos Media Team