A group of 31 students and teachers from the Culver Academies of the USA completed an experiential training activity in applied marine conservation in the eastern Aegean yesterday. 

The students gained hands-on knowledge of marine biodiversity inventory and the scientific tools used in various areas of field research. 

Our goal is to understand the ways in which the knowledge necessary to address the problems threatening life in our seas can be gained, especially now that the effects of climate change are increasingly evident. 

Students from Culver Academies have been training at Archipelagos Institute’s International School of the Sea since 2015 and we are honoured that they travel over 18,000 kilometres each time to reach the Aegean Sea.  

They are one of the numerous of international schools and universities that participate each year in the training and education activities offered by the Archipelagos Institute’s International School of the Sea, along with the 80 interns and young graduates who are currently in the Aegean Sea, where they stay for months or years depending on the research activity in which they are involved. 

It is truly a great pleasure to work with Culver Academies – this special school that applies innovation to all its educational activities, having replaced almost all lectures with various empirical and research activities aimed at developing critical thinking by students.

It is a fact, of course, that as the years go by, young people around the world are becoming more and more aware of the destructive footprint caused by the attitudes and practices that we have all been applying for decades. Similarly, they are also becoming aware that our generations are depleting the natural resources that belong to future generations on land and sea. All these are immeasurable problems that will have to be faced by new generations worldwide