Researchers from Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation, continue their systematic effort to record, study and protect the unique wildlife of the Wildlife Refuge of Arki and N. Patmos, which comprises of 14 islands and islets.

In the last year, Archipelagos in co-operation with the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (after signing a Memorandum of Understanding), have focused on the study of wildlife which includes the rare species of bird fauna that nest and breed on the islets.

This co-operation contributes to the sharing of expertise to benefit the research and conservation aims. More specifically for first time in Greece, Archipelagos and the Norwegian University of Life Sciences have developed an innovative research programme to monitor the behaviour of wild animals with the use of specialized camera systems to monitor them from a distance.

This system does not interfere or disturb in any way with the process of reproduction within these species. The processing and analysis of data is done by specialized software that the Norwegian scientists have developed.

As a result of this interesting co-operation, Archipelagos and the Norwegian University of Life Science have already submitted for publication the first scientific paper containing valuable data and results.

This advanced technology involving zoologists whom specialize in monitoring the ecology of animals, demonstrates a valuable tool for the study and protection of the rare biodiversity of the refuge. It should be noted that this method of recording technology will soon be applied to the monitoring of other terrestrial and marine species in other areas of the Aegean in be able order to understand better and also protect efficiently this rare wildlife.