The small wetlands of the Aegean are very important for the migratory birds, as well as for the fauna, flora and the enrichment of the groundwater table. Unfortunately many of these small ecosystems have been damaged, covered by soil, or left full of garbage, without having received the protection they deserve.


With the aim to make its conservational value known, but also protect many small wetlands of the Aegean, Archipelagos has initiated a large effort in cooperation with local stakeholders. 

First site is the small wetland of Glifada in Pythagorio, Samos, which was cleaned and a sign was placed describing the special biodiversity the area supports. This action was carried out in cooperation with the Primary School and the High School of Pythagorio, but also with the support of Doryssa Hotel which is just next to the wetland.


Already hundreds of inhabitants and visitors of the area have been informed and realized that this small ecosystem has special environmental importance.

The sign was designed by Archipelagos’ media team, using photographic material and data that has been collected during our research here.