The research boat “Pinelopi” was launched yesterday after its annual repair

The research boat “Pinelopi” was launched yesterday after Archipelagos’ captains and crew completed its annual repairs. She is now ready to start, for the 23rd year, its challenging trips in the Aegean Sea. “Pinelopi” is a traditional two-masted sailing vessel (schooner) made of steel. She was constructed as a replica of a renowned sailing boat […]

Discovering the Fascinating Marine World of the Aegean Sea – A webinar for young people of all ages!

The Consulate General of Greece in Boston, in collaboration with the Institute of Eastern Mediterranean Studies at Emmanuel College and with the Archipelagos – Institute of Marine Conservation will bring the Aegean Sea to the USA on the 29th of May at 11:00 Boston (EDT)/ 18:00 Athens (EEST). In the webinar you will experience impressive audiovisual material from the biodiversity of […]

Limiting the environmental footprint caused to our seas by our daily habits: Collaboration between the Archipelagos Institute and KORRES

When we talk about protecting the environment and combating pollution, our mind usually goes to causes and causers that are difficult for us as citizens to influence, such as industrial pollution. Frequently do not think about the large environmental footprint caused by our daily consumption habits, i.e. the personal hygiene products, cosmetics and cleaning products […]

2 Urgent Patient Transfers by Archipelagos Institute’s boat

Despite the rough weather conditions prevailing in the Aegean these days, Archipelagos Institute was asked carry out within 1 day 2 emergency transfers of patients with serious health problems (not COVID 19) from a small to a larger island. With a continuous presence for over 24 years in the Aegean, there have been numerous similar […]

The Efkranti Award was Granted to the Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation

It was a great honor but also great moral support for all those who comprise Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation to be granted the Efkranti Award “Marilena Laskaridi” for the naval culture excellence and for the support to the Hellenic nautical heritage and tradition. The Efkanti award ceremony was carried out for the 12th successive […]

The Aegean Explorer travels to the small islands of the Cyclades

As the human impact on our seas grows in quality and quantity, we recognize the immense need to intensify the effectiveness of Archipelagos Institute activities for the protection of our seas. Therefore our new research boat, the Aegean Explorer will be a catalyst. It is an old boat with a very good structure that has […]

The Importance of Visualisation in Environmental Awareness

An important part of science is the way it is presented. The media team plays a large role in this at Archipelagos. Infographics, scientific posters, business cards; our interns are always designing things to communicate what we do at the institute. A primary part of our work  is data visualisation. Data visualisation is the presentation […]

The Research Boat “Naftilos”

Until a few years ago “Naftilos” was a decommissioned sailboat which was largely damaged. Today, after its reconstruction by Archipelagos Institute, it has become a valuable means for marine mammals research in the Mediterranean. “Naftilos” is not an ordinary sailing boat. It was built in Belgium 40 years ago as a “one-off” construction with special […]

World Animal Day – 4th of October

The world animal day constitutes an opportunity to remind ourselves that the care and protection of wildlife is a responsibility we all share, not occasionally but every single day!  Our own survival depends on the survival of all the animals we share this planet with. Respect towards them is an obligation not an option.