Deliberate killing of a dolphin in the NE Aegean Sea

Another incident involving the intentional killing of a dolphin was located by the Archipelagos Institute on the NW coast of Samos. In this particular area, where significant populations of 4 dolphin species live and where strong sea currents are active, it is not uncommon to find dead marine mammals ashore- incidents which we do not […]

Bioacoustic Research – invaluable for a better understanding of marine mammal populations

As part of the JJBA Bioacoustics Conference that concluded today in Brest, France, Archipelagos Institute participated by presenting some of the results of its underwater acoustic research on Aegean cetacean populations. This research, which continues to be carried out in collaboration with Brunel University London, concerns the populations of short-beaked common dolphins and bottlenose dolphins […]

World Oceans Day

Today is World Ocean Day, a good reason to remember that we have only explored 5% of our world’s ocean. This means that 95% of our ocean is still unknown. Therefore we risk causing the extinction of many thousands of species before we even discover that they exist. Each one of us has not only […]

The 35th Conference of the European Cetacean Society on “Marine Mammals and Human Activity: How is sustainable development in coastal areas possible?”

The 35th Conference of the European Cetacean Society (European Cetacean Society) with the general theme “Marine Mammals and Human Activity: How is sustainable development in coastal areas possible?” Some 500 scientists and researchers from all over the world participated in the conference.  On behalf of Archipelagos Institute, marine mammal research coordinator Beatriz Tintore participated in […]

“Triton” with its eyes on the Aegean and Mediterranean seas!

Tritonas is the new three-masted sailing vessel that will dynamically contribute to the Archipelagos Institute’s action for the protection of the seas, replacing the small sailing vessels.  After a long and intensive process of total refurbishment by the Archipelagos Institute’s technical team, it is now almost ready to sail long distances in the Greek seas […]

The now rare so-called “common” dolphins in the Aegean Sea

“…. “For many years we have been recording from our boats and studying the common dolphin (Delphinus delphis), which contrary to its name is not common at all. Its population has almost disappeared from the rest of the Mediterranean, and in the eastern Mediterranean it is classified as ‘endangered’,” says Ms Miliou. Since 2001, Archipelagos […]

Rare species and military exercises in the same seas of unique biodiversity

We continue these days the research aimed at protecting the populations of 7 species of marine mammals in the area of the so-called Ikaria Trench – an area whose biodiversity surprises even the most qualified scientists. At the same time, however, we continue to record the announcements via Navtex of the military exercises that these […]

Aegean Marine Life Sanctuary – a necessary and innovative project in waiting…

For the past 2 years we have almost completed the infrastructure for one of the most modern care centres for marine species in the Mediterranean, which will also be the most modern care centre in Greece and will meet the most stringent international animal welfare standards. However, for 23 months we have been facing not […]

We join forces! A multinational team of scientists and researchers from Malaysia, India, Cyprus, Greece, Spain, the Netherlands, the UK, Greece and Spain.

As the threats to life in our seas are common across the globe, we need effective ways to protect marine life. It is therefore necessary to develop actions such as Eco-Marine that have direct practical application, international cooperation and substantial results. The previous on-board mission of the multinational team was in the Aegean Sea, while […]