Planting Underwater Gardens of Posidonia seagrass- a new innovative planting process

An innovative process of planting underwater gardens of Posidonia oceanica seagrass, was just completed in the southeastern Aegean Sea by researchers from Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation after 3 months of preparation. Given the rarity of the phenomenon of seagrass bearing flowers and fruits, this method of planting Posidonia seagrass has been applied only a […]

Jellyfish, octopus, sharks and the ignorance of our coastal country

Over the last few days we have seen numerous articles, publications and social media posts warning citizens about “dangerous” jellyfish and “wild” shark hordes. Just to mention one similar example,  the post of a Greek American film director – who states he doesn’t specialize  in sea issues –  managed to make many people wonder whether […]

Anastasia Miliou participated in the 10th Regional Growth Conference

In the framework of the 10th Regional Growth Conference that took place in the Conference & Cultural Center of the University of Patras, the Scientific Director of Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation, Anastasia Miliou participated in the session “Marine Environment Protection & Citizen Science.” “Environmental conservation is a responsibility we all share. As the time […]

Shoal of Mediterranean Barracuda in the Aegean

Most fish species form reproduction groups in warm shallow waters during this time of the year. For example the various species of Barracuda that gather in large shoals of hundreds of fish. Each female barracuda can release up to 300.000 eggs in the water. It goes without saying that each time we catch a fish […]

Rescuing Loggerhead Turtles

Two Loggerhead turtles were found trapped amongst rocks, in shallow waters, in Kokkari and in Ormos, Marathokampos on Samos island. Both turtles were found by locals, and showed obvious signs of exhaustion, probably having been unable to dive or feed for several days. Archipelagos – Institute of Marine Conservation was immediately contacted by the locals […]

The rebirth of nature during the spring is intense in the sea

While at the Archipelagos Institute we monitor on a daily basis the changes in the marine ecosystems, due to the limited fishing and overall limited presence of humans at seas because of the pandemic, the images we record impress us, even if we know they will not last long… In the picture you can see […]

Jellyfish Blooms – Help Us Record Them

The Citizen Science Observatory of Archipelagos Institute contributes to the monitoring of jellyfish blooms in Greece, proving once more how invaluable citizen science is as a source of information on the biodiversity of and the threats faced by our seas. We all can, and must, join forces, collaborate and exchange information so that we can […]

The first record in Greece of a new alien fish species

The first record in Greece of the alien fish species Cheilodipterus novemstriatus was made a few days ago in Rhodes by a member of the Archipelagos’ Citizen- Science Observatory. Cheilodipterus novemstriatus is a fish of Indo-Pacific origin that has progressively invaded the Mediterranean Sea via the Suez Canal as a Lessepsian immigrant. The species was […]

Archipelagos’ New Research Expedition

As the northerly winds became weaker overnight, we are taking advantage of the good weather conditions today. The National Holiday on the 28th of October will not hold us back from the conservation of the Greek seas! This morning Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation took off for another research expedition! Our boats, “Aegean Explorer” and […]