The Devaluation of the Greek Islands – Read here the main article

By Thodoris Tsimpidis Director of Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation The original article in Greek was published in Translation in English by Jennifer Barclay   The Devaluation of the Greek Islands The story of a catastrophe – from autonomy to absolute dependence Have we ever asked ourselves how, within a few years, our islands […]

The Devaluation of the Greek Islands: Agathonisi

These days, our research vessels Aegean Explorer and Naftilos are operating around Agathonisi island – a marine region of great importance that has been in the center of Archipelagos Institute’s focus for over two decades. The irony however stands to the fact that even in the case of islands as important as Agathonisi, the nation’s […]

Political Science and Environmental Conservation – A multidisciplinary approach with focus on the small islands of Agathonisi, Arki and Lipsi

Department of Political Science – International Relations of Emmanuel College, USA – Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation  One of the key aims of the “International School of Sea” of Archipelagos Institute is to bring the Aegean in the international map of applied education for environmental conservation.  university studies for the environment, through the cooperation with […]

Sea Diamond – An Abandoned Toxic Waste for 14 years on the seafloor of Santorini

Fourteen years after the Sea Diamond sunk taking with it 3 human lives and after it was abandoned on the sea floor of Santorini, it continues to corrode and release dangerous toxic substances in the marine ecosystems. Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation has been on the side of the local community since the first day […]

Archipelagos Institute in Astypalaia

Early this morning, Naftilos, a research vessel of the Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation, set sail for Astypalaia in the SE Aegean. We were invited to the island by the Municipality of Astypalaia, which we are in close cooperation with on numerous environmental issues, to take part in a very useful environmental meeting organized by […]

The Devaluation of the Greek Islands: Pserimos

Pserimos is a small island between Kos and Kalymnos, 4.5 miles off the coast of the Eastern Mediterranean, where its remaining permanent inhabitants stands at just around 25. Pserimos is considered a small Aegean diamond with fertile land and up until now with a lively sea. However, it is another typical example of the government’s […]

Protecting Biodiversity in small islets of the Aegean

A few days ago, a new phase of the Archipelagos Institute’s collaboration began with the Norwegian University of Life Sciences As we enter the heart of autumn, the Archipelagos Institute continues its parallel actions to protect the rare nature of the Aegean, focusing on uninhabited islets. These isolated Aegean ecosystems, which many consider to be […]

Intermediterranean “Landcare” Action for the Restoration of land Degradation

In the framework of the intermediterranean action entitled LANDCARE, Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation, in cooperation with eight Universities and research institutions from South Europe, study methods and practices for the restoration of degraded and eroded land in vulnerable regions. The Greek partners of the project include also the Faculty of Geology and Geoenvironment of […]