Deliberate killing of a dolphin in the NE Aegean Sea

Another incident involving the intentional killing of a dolphin was located by the Archipelagos Institute on the NW coast of Samos. In this particular area, where significant populations of 4 dolphin species live and where strong sea currents are active, it is not uncommon to find dead marine mammals ashore- incidents which we do not […]

Archipelagos Institute participated in the conference “Climate Resilience and Local Society”, in Alexandroupolis on the initiative of the President of the Hellenic Republic, Katerina Sakellaropoulou

We live in a time when climate change is gradually shaping a new reality, but at the same time it is often a very convenient cover for all the things we are not doing: forest fire prevention, inadequate planning of response strategies, corresponding mismanagement of the seas that results in their emptying with the spread […]

Collaborations at Fourni: Archipelagos Marine Institute of Conservation, Pure Ocean Fund, Hellenic Rescue Team of Samos, and UNDER THE POLE, along with close cooperation of the Municipality of Fournis and the Local fishermen of the island

The common goal of all remains the urgent and effective protection of this area of unique biodiversity and global environmental importance, which supports significant populations of rare marine species and is characterised by unique geomorphological features, as well as adverse weather conditions that make research in deep depths particularly difficult. Rare species and ecosystems are […]

Rare species and military exercises in the same seas of unique biodiversity

We continue these days the research aimed at protecting the populations of 7 species of marine mammals in the area of the so-called Ikaria Trench – an area whose biodiversity surprises even the most qualified scientists. At the same time, however, we continue to record the announcements via Navtex of the military exercises that these […]

Ten Days After the Shipwreck at Saronic Gulf…

Ten days after the small tanker Agia Zoni II sank in the Saronic Gulf, the decontamination of the marine environment has focused on what affects us aesthetically, rather than all of the petroleum and break down products, such as those that have sunk and now rest on the sea floor and those floating and moving […]

Coralligenous Habitats: An Imperative Need for Immediate Protection

The research expedition of the “Aegean Explorer”, in the waters of the north eastern Aegean, continues despite the strong prevailing north winds. The first results of the focused and intense work of the research team, within the framework of “Protecting Aegean Sea Coralligene”, have been exceptionally interesting! In a marine area of just 7000m2, the […]

Over Intensive Aquaculture or Sustainable Development?

The local communities and authorities in the region of Astakos – Echinades – Mitikas – Kastos – Kalamos in Etoloakarnania, western Greece, are claiming the obvious: to halt the increasingly intense degradation occurring in the waters of their region, as well as to restore the environmental destruction that has already been caused.  Archipelagos Institute of […]