Experiences After Work at Archipelagos

Hi, I’m Ella and I completed a 6-week internship on the terrestrial conservation team.  During my time with Archipelagos, I initiated a project monitoring the ferret populations.  Beyond my main project, I also had the opportunity to join boat surveys monitoring the marine mammal populations, getting the opportunity to learn and understand their work. I […]

Deep-Sea and Seagrass Conservation – Product Report

This product report is part of a project internship and was commissioned by Archipelagos, Institute of Marine Conservation. This product report goes in-depth on the target group, requirements, and design choices of the products made. The first products made are maps for the report on the results of the surveys done last year on the […]

Documentary filmmaking internship

‘Having recently graduated from a degree studying biomedical sciences in Edinburgh, I am currently working towards pursuing a career in science media, specifically relating to filmmaking. So, after finding out Archipelagos offered a documentary filmmaking internship, it was a very fitting decision to come to Greece for a few months. It has been great experience […]

From the Aegean all the way to LA…

At the 14th Los Angeles Greek Film Festival, a short documentary about the Aegean Marine Life Sanctuary is being presented as part of the film collection “IN THE AEGEAN SEA”. It is a production of Clawed Hat Films, which is based in South Africa. The main aim of the Aegean Marine Life Sanctuary, which is […]

Producing short videos for the Marine Conservation projects

My name is Yassir Elbashir, and I’m part of the media team. I decided to join Archipelagos because I wanted to try photography and videography in a new field and gain experience while working abroad. While searching for internships, Archipelagos was recommended to me by a friend. I have been at Archipelagos for 3 months […]

Developing a documentary about Archipelagos’ marine mammal team

My name is Delaney Rea, and I’m from the United States. I graduated from the University of Oregon in June of 2018 with a degree in journalism and multimedia, with an emphasis on video and design. At Archipelagos, I’m a member of the media team. I mainly work on video projects for the organization, but […]

Award to Archipelagos: Best Heroic Act of Environmental Stewardship

The Short Documentary Film presenting the Aegean Marine Life Sanctuary, currently under construction by Archipelagos on the Island of Lipsi, won the award for the “Best Heroic Act of Environmental Stewardship” at the World Whale Film Festival in Maui, Hawaii! The recipient of this award is selected by the festival’s audience, who had to choose […]

International TV Production on Archipelagos Conservation Actions

We recently finished filming for an international TV production, which will highlight the rare natural wealth of the Aegean and the conservation actions that Archipelagos Institute takes to protect it. Archipelagos Institute is a Greek initiative that was started over 2 decades ago and continues to expand, without using any public funds. With the hard […]

Oceanographic Research Field Course with the University of Essex, UK

The Oceanographic Research Field Course between the University of Essex UK and Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation was successfully completed in the coastal waters of Samos island.   In our effort to defend the nature of our seas, we have worked for the past 20 years to strengthen our standpoint with knowledge and expertise. The […]

Joint Oceanographic Research Course with the University of Essex, UK

                         Joint Oceanographic Research Course with the University of Essex, UK Today is the 6th day of the Educational Oceanographic Research Course between the University of Essex UK and Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation in the marine area between sound of Samos islands. With the use of 2 Archipelagos boat, the oceanographic boat “Aegean Explorer” […]