Photo-ID & Behavioral Assessments of Delphinus delphis in the Northern Aegean Sea

Yasas! Intern Alannah from the Marine Mammal Field here, currently doing a three-month internship at the Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation. I’m currently pursuing a master’s in Marine Mammal Science at the University of Miami and have targeted a project directed towards behavioral assessment, delving into different subgroups of Delphinus delphis. My aim during my […]

Experiences After Work at Archipelagos

Hi, I’m Ella and I completed a 6-week internship on the terrestrial conservation team.  During my time with Archipelagos, I initiated a project monitoring the ferret populations.  Beyond my main project, I also had the opportunity to join boat surveys monitoring the marine mammal populations, getting the opportunity to learn and understand their work. I […]

Hands-on Projects with the Marine Mammal Research & Conservation Team

My name is Sjoerd and I am in the last year of my Pre-bachelor’s in environmentalism. During my 3-month internship, I have been allowed to start a project. This project revolves around creating a rig that can record cetacean behaviour with the use of the Soundtrap ST4300HF and the Insta 360° camera. Something similar does […]

A special three-day research expedition to the Ikaria Trench

Archipelagos Marine Mammal Research team took part in a very interesting boat survey in the region of the Trench in the north of Ikaria island. This is a very rich biodiversity hotspot reaching 1400m depth, where there are still a lot of knowledge gaps to cover. This expedition, under ideal weather conditions allowed us to […]

Mutilated Striped Dolphin Stranded on the shores of Samos Island

A mutilated striped dolphin was found stranded on the north shores of Samos island. Its tail was severed and had a sharp piercing wound – evidence of its deliberate killing. Through assessing the weather patterns of preceding days and the distribution of striped dolphin populations in the region, it is estimated that this dolphin was […]

Sperm Whale Migration

As we are now approaching the middle of autumn, sperm whales are again migrating over the deep trench between the islands of Ikaria, Chios, and Samos, a migration that we have been recording them making for the past two decades. At a time when we have every reason to worry about the survival of marine […]

Microplastic Pollutants found in stranded Dolphins, Sea Turtles and Seals in the Aegean Sea

A new scientific publication by the Archipelagos Institute for Marine Conservation, entitled “First Assessment of Micro-Litter Ingested by Dolphins, Sea Turtles and Monk Seals Found Stranded along the Coasts of Samos Island, Greece”, formed the first study conducted in the Aegean quantifying the abundance of microplastic and plastics in stranded marine life. Research evaluated pollutants […]

Mass stranding of 12 Cuvier’s beaked whale on the North-West coast of Cyprus

Twelve Cuvier’s beaked whales (Ziphius cavirostris) have been found stranded, one after the other in recent days on the northwest coast of Cyprus. This has raised great concern regarding both the cause of the event and the devastation to the species’ population in the area. In addition to the 12 whales found dead, it is […]

Creating a bioacoustics catalogue for click recordings relative to the species of Tursiops truncatus, Stenella coerueolalba, Delphinus delphis, Physeter macrocephalus and Ziphius cavirostris

My name is Cecilia, and I have spent the past 3 months as an intern at the Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation. During my internship, I have deepened my knowledge in the field of bioacoustics through assisting other interns with their personal projects. The reason as to why I chose to not start a new […]