My name is Roos and I’m studying Coastal and Marine management at Van Hall Larenstein, University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands. During the 3 months I joined Archipelagos as an intern I was part of the marine ecology team on Lipsi Island.

During my internship I worked on the data collection on Seagrass Health from 4 different sites.

A typical day of my internship started with data collection. I planned out which site I wanted to do and set my sampling. First, I looked at the different seagrass meadows, I started at the bottom left side of the beach. There, I set-up my first transect of 50 meters. Every 5 meters I took a quadrant and measured the depth, substrate, percentage coverage of Posidonia oceanica. After that, I took 3 random leaves and measured the length and percentage coverage of epiphyte coverage, as last I determined the overall percentage coverage epiphytes in the whole quadrant.

Then, I took a second transect which was 25 meters apart from the first one. In total I measured 3 different transects per beach.

After the data collection, I returned to the office where I digitalize my data and worked mostly on my scientific writing skill.

This internship was for me to gain experience in the work field. Though because of the lack of experience and my short stay, there was no time for data analysis.

Roos van Dorp
Coastal and Marine Management student,
Van Hall Larenstein, University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands
On-site intern at Archipelagos’ Marine Ecology Team