Archipelagos Intern Experience

An insight into conservation at Archipelagos

Microplastics Team, December 2016

Analysis of the content of the gastrointestinal tract of a Loggerhead turtle (Caretta caretta) in the search for micro-plastics. At the beginning of November, a sea turtle stranding (Caretta caretta) on Psili Ammos beach allowed the start of a new study: micro-plastic research in stomach and intestinal contents. The sea turtle was necropsied and the

Marine Mammal Team, November 2016

Habitat modelling of common dolphin, Delphinus delphis, in the Aegean Sea by using different dynamic models The aim of the project is to complete habitat modelling of common dolphins, Delphinus delphis, in the Aegean Sea by using different dynamic models.  Populations of marine mammals found in Mediterranean Sea are genetically distinct from their North Atlantic
Posidonia oceanica mapping Posidonia oceanica is an aquatic flowering plant endemic to the Mediterranean, instrumental in providing habitats and nursery grounds to a diverse array of species in the area. Although the seagrass is imperative to ecosystem health, conservation efforts have not mirrored this: Posidonia oceanica’s status is only listed as “least concern” in the
Research on the Golden Jackal of Samos Jackal diet preference survey Jackals are opportunistic feeders, meaning that they will eat anything available at the moment, ranging from grapes and carobs to rodents and birds or even animal carcasses. The aim of this survey is to investigate the preference of seasonal and easy to find food

Microplastics Team, November 2016

Studying Surface Water for Plankton & Microplastics In this project we collect sea surface water in the eastern Aegean Sea to find trends between the amount of plankton and microplastics and establish if a correlation exists. We hypothesise that greater quantities of plastics leads to fewer plankton in the neustonic layer leading to a greater

GIS Team, November 2016

Distribution model for common dolphins near the island of Samos The aim of this project is to develop a species distribution model (SDM) for common dolphins which takes into account dynamic environmental factors such as sea surface temperature, salinity and chlorophyll. SDMs take occurrence or abundance data about certain species and extrapolate this data in space and

Renewable Energy Team, November 2016

Applications of Small Scale Renewable Applications in the Aegean Sea islands Desalination stills Desalination stills are using the suns radiant energy to evaporate water. The evaporated water is then condensed again on a cool inside surface, where it drips down and is collected. Archipelagos’ prototype is a two slope basin solar still with a 20°