Wildlife Library

Digital library database of the Greek flora & fauna

About our library

Archipelagos’ Wildlife Library is a database of photographs and information collected from various animal and plant species. This digital library depicts the work that has been conducted for years from Archipelagos’ scientific team during research and conservation work in the marine and terrestrial ecosystems of the Greek Seas and the NE Mediterranean. The main aim of this effort is to spread and share the knowledge of biodiversity of marine and terrestrial flora and fauna and simultaneously to arise public awareness towards the conservation of numerous rare species that live for centuries in the region of eastern Mediterranean Sea.

Archipelagos’ Wildlife Library is enriched with photos of flora and fauna species from different islands and islets of the Aegean Sea and contains information and scientific details on their biology and their habitat. However as it is a work in progress that is frequently updated by our volunteers and various contributors.

Wildlife website is under constraction