Analysis of Marine INformation for Environmentally Safe Shipping

The goal of the AMINESS project is to contribute to safety, management and monitoring of the sea environment, particularly in the Aegean Sea. Reducing the possibility of ship accidents in this area is important to economic, environmental and cultural sectors of Greece. Oil spill cleanups can cost over 1 billion euros, whereas accidents involving water soluble cargos would result in irrevocable changes to the Aegean ecosystem. Despite an increase in shipping traffic, there are no national monitoring policies and ships do not follow any established routes. However, to reduce their own financial risk, shipping companies would directly benefit from a system that can reduce the possibility of an accident involving their own ship.

The project objective is to develop a web portal offering an access to ship owners, policy makers and the scientific community. The portal will be used to suggest environmentally safe route planning, deliver real-time alerts for ships and support policy recommendations. It will be based on historical and contemporary maritime data, including real-time information about ship positions and speed, as well as weather forecasts. Thanks to this portal, the project is supposed to directly reduce the risk of a ship accident and consequently contribute to the protection of the Aegean Sea. At the same time, the portal can bring profit to the enterprise partners of the project, mainly by offering risk-reducing services to ship owners.

The research partners will be given a unique opportunity to develop their methodologies of handling and analyzing huge quantities of heterogeneous spatiotemporal streaming data and assessing risk in real time. Any lessons learned from the analysis of ship traffic risk in the Aegean Sea are likely to have direct and immediate relevance to policy makers and stakeholders globally.