Common Seabream, Red Porgy (Pagrus pagrus)
  • Greek Φαγγρί
  • Spanish Salmonete de fango
  • Italian Triglia di fango
  • French Rouget de vase
  • Turkish Barbunya
  • Croatian Trlja blatarica

Consume Responsibly

If a species belongs to the yellow category, there is evidence that its consumption may not be sustainable. Populations may show signs of decline or be in recovery from a previous decline. Regular consumption is not advisable. However, if you wish to consume, always choose sustainable sizes and avoid breeding seasons.


Breeding Season:

March - July

If you see species caught or sold, smaller than the legal size or during the prohibited season:

Aditional Information:

This calendar shows during which months (01 to 12) the consumption of the species is sustainable (green) or unsustainable (red).

Fishing Methods:


max. size: 91 cm

feeds on: mollusks, crustaceans & small fish

Conservation Status:

Least concern