The Guide for Sustainable Seafood Consumption in Greece


Through making responsible decisions on what seafood you consume, you can help to protect the life in our seas.

Fish4Life is a guide for sustainable fish consumption in Greece and other parts of the Mediterranean. It aims to provide the public with easily accessible information about what seafood is sustainable to consume and when. It provides information on the status of each species (e.g. whether it is illegal, or sustainable to consume) and their breeding season when consumption should be avoided. Moreover, it provides information about the minimum legal size within Greece, (the size below which it is illegal to catch or consumer each species), as well as the minimum sustainable size (the recommended minimum size for consumption, which in many cases is different from the legal size!).
Fish4Life was created by researchers of Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation and developed as an Android and iOS app, by TEDx Thessaloniki in May 2012.

Everyone can help in combating overfishing, by making responsible consumer seafood choices. It is important to avoid consuming species whose populations are rapidly declining due to overfishing. Sadly, several species of seafood which are deemed illegal, can still easily be found in the Greek market. Fish4life can help you to choose not to consume these species but also to report them when discovered!


It’s OK to Consume

The consumption of seafood which belongs to the green category is currently considered sustainable. The stocks are not considered overfished or declining. Choosing species in this category is considered to be responsible. Nevertheless, we must always choose sustainable sizes and avoid during breeding seasons to keep fish populations healthy.

Consume Responsibly

If a species belongs to the yellow category, there is evidence that its consumption may not be sustainable. Populations may show signs of decline or be in recovery from a previous decline. Regular consumption of a species on this list is not advisable however, if you wish to consume, always choose sustainable sizes and avoid breeding seasons.

Never Consume

The consumption of species which belong to the red category is considered unsustainable and should be avoided at all times. The species may be endangered, or its stocks can be critically low, poorly managed, and/or overfished. Some species in this list are actually protected by law and it is illegal to catch and consume the species.

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