Archipelagos Institute takes part in an urgent call by 21 European environmental organizations, to the EU Commissioner for Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Karmenu Vella, for the protection of the Essential Fish Habitats (EFH) in the Jabuka/ Pomo Pit in the Adriatic Sea. The Jabuka/Pomo Pit is a site of unique productivity, hosting the most
  Last week marked the beginning of the first installation of informational points on the environment and biodiversity of the islands of Samos County at the island’s international airport. Our aim is to inform the over 250,000 passengers who pass through the airport every year of the unique biodiversity of Samos, which is considered the
The Archipelagos Institute is continuing to make progress in the installation and licensing of the Aegean Marine Life Sanctuary thanks to the intensive work of our research teams over the last year and a half. This endeavour takes place without any national or EU funding. Through the creation of the Aegean Marine Life Sanctuary, Archipelagos
After nearly two decades of research and action by the Archipelagos Institute for Marine Conservation to protect the Greek seas, it is remarkable that in every corner of Greece the same arguments are repeated with regards to the question: “Who destroys and empties our seas?” Artisanal fishermen accuse trawlers and recreational fishermen. Recreational fishermen blame all professionals
The Institute of archipelago has participated in the “development by the sea” Conference: A European maritime policy for Greece, organised by the European centre for excellence jean monnet of the university of Athens. The workshop was held in the European commission delegation in Greece. The Tsimbídhis-Director of the ionian institute has presented the main threat

Golden Jackal Crisis

Within one week, 4 jackals of the species Canis aureus were found dead and 1 young was found injured on the island of Samos. It has to be noted that Samos is the only island of the Mediterranean which supports a population of the Golden Jackal. The reason for which these mammals are becoming so
Patmos Island- Everyday practices that we can all follow in order to contribute to the protection of the seas. On Friday, June 23, members of the Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation took part in the 9th Festival of the Aegean Sea Tastes and Tradition, in Patmos island and made a presentation on “Everyday practices that
In the framework of the overall cooperation between Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation and the North Aegean District Authorities, on Friday, June 16th there was a presentation of the Archipelagos’ research teams work to the Governor of Samos, Mr Katrakazos and the TV and a radio station of the island. Archipelagos’ research teams comprise of
In the framework of the International Whale Conference 2017 which is currently taking place in Durban South Africa, Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation is represented by its scientific director, Anastasia Miliou. To an international audience, Archipelagos Institute presents its work in the research and conservation of marine mammals of the eastern Mediterranean and the important
At the recent United Nations’ Ocean Conference, which took place in early June in New York, Archipelagos Institute took part in a global NGO call to the UN about halting deep sea mining. This joint statement to the plenary was led by the European NGO coalition Seas At Risk and was submitted by 37 NGO’s