Ten days after the small tanker Agia Zoni II sank in the Saronic Gulf, the decontamination of the marine environment has focused on what affects us aesthetically, rather than all of the petroleum and break down products, such as those that have sunk and now rest on the sea floor and those floating and moving
Archipelagos Institute is hosting these days a film crew from French TV channel ARTE for the shooting of a documentary on the high risk of maritime accident in the Aegean and 6 other high risk zones in the Mediterranean. The lack of a mechanism for prevention and response to maritime accidents in the Greek seas,

Accidents and pollution

Scientists ‘Archipelago’ explaining that international experience shows that in a region where it is pumping sea oil accidents are inevitable as stringent environmental conditions and preventive measures if observed: “For this reason we consider unreasonable to place such activities in tourist areas fundamental to the Greek economy, as our seas. ” Recalling successive accidents in
The legal stranglehold tightens over the accountability those responsible for the wreck of Sea Diamond, even with six years delay. Specifically: The postponed criminal trial of the accused for the singing of Sea Diamond began on Tuesday 19/3 at Piraeus. Read more. According to information, next month, also at Piraeus, the lawsuit of the Municipality
After many months of preparation a team of researchers from the Environmental Protection Clinic of Yale University Law School has been conducting a series of meetings in Greece, over the past few days, in order to complete the file upon this case. The team of researchers from Yale’s Law School, said to be one of