The Team

One of the main goals of Archipelagos is to bring together the expertise and know-how of the local and international scientific conservation community and to gain knowledge and experience that actively contribute to the conservation of the unique biodiversity hotspot of the Aegean Sea and the eastern Mediterranean.

Scientists, experts, recent graduates and students work as volunteers in Archipelagos’ research bases on the Northeastern Aegean islands throughout the year. Teams are comprised of people from all over the world, with a wide background of specialties and skills, who actively work on various projects. Archipelagos works closely with leading universities and research institutes from Europe, America and Asia.

Core Team

Thodoris Tsimpidis


Honorary Researcher of Marine Conservation

Anastasia Miliou

Scientific Director

Hydrobiologist, (PhD Cand.), Fisheries Management / Greek Ambassador in the EU for Sustainable Maritime Policy

Dr Guido Pietroluongo

Head of Marine Mammal Research

DVM (Doctor in Veterinary Medicine), Teramo University, Italy

Kleopatra Delaveri

Operations Manager

MSc Networks and Computer Technologies, University of the Aegean

Belen Quintana

Head of Marine Research

MSc. in Marine Biodiversity and Conservation (University of Ghent, Belgium). MSc. in Oceanography and Marine Environments (University Pierre et Marie Curie, France)

William Parker

Head of Terrestrial Research

BSc Natural Resources Managment-Wildlife and Fisheries, University of Northern British Columbia, Canada

Sarah Meek

Head of Seagrass Research

PhD cand. Marine Ecology, University of West England, United Kingdom

Vitor Hugo Ferreira Dias

Supervisor of Marine Conservation Team

BSc Biology, Universidade da Madeira, Portugal

Karthik Ashok

Head of Marine Bioacoustics Research

B.Tech, Electronics and Communication Engineering, VIT University, Vellore India

Tim Grandjean
(The Netherlands)

Head of GIS Research

MSc Earth Sciences - Environmental Management, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Scientific Advisors

Dr. Aylin Akkaya

Marine Mammal Research Expert

PhD University of Istanbul, Turkey

Dr Rupert Perkins

Marine Ecology Expert

Senior Lecturer of Marine Bioscience, Cardiff University, UK

Dr. Leanne Hepburn

Marine and Coastal Ecology Expert

Senior Lecturer, School of Biological Sciences, Essex University, UK

Dr. Tom Cameron

Fisheries Ecology Expert

Lecturer, School of Biological Sciences, Essex University, UK

Professor David J. Smith

Director of the Coral reef research Unit

Department of Biology, Essex University, UK

Dr. Valentina Costa

Marine Research & Conservation Expert

PhD in Ecology, University of Parma, Italy

Dr. Ronny Steen

Ornithological Research Expert

Researcher at Norwegian University of Life Sciences

Dr. Susanna Curtin

Sustainable Ecotourism Expert

Senior Lecturer Bournemouth University, School of Tourism

Dr. Okan Ürker

Forest Ecology Expert

Specialist in forest & fire ecology, conservation policy. The Society for the Conservation of Nature & Culture, Turkey

Niki Cesta

Marine Geosystem Mapping Expert

Msc Environmental Science, University of Toronto, Canada

Cpt. Nikos Plakas

Shipping Risk Management Expert


Emma Ward

Coastal Ecology Researcher

BSc Marine Biology, University of Essex, UK

Nur Bikem Kesici

Researcher in Coastal Ecology

MSc Hydrobiology, University of Istanbul, Turkey

Heidi Malizia

Researcher in Marine Mammals

BSc Biology, University of Missouri, USA

Ayça Eleman

Researcher in Marine Mammals

PhD Candidate in Environmental Science, Bogazici, Turkey

Paulos Ioannidis

Drone Operator

Civil Engineer

Marine Mammals Team

Harry Kerr

Marine Mammal Researcher

BSc Marine Biology, University of Essex, England

Quentin Gouget

Marine Mammal Researcher

BSc Water Treatment, AFTEC Formation, France

Simone Antichi

Marine Mammal Researcher

BSc Marine Biology, Universita Politecnica delle, Italy

Héloïse Carlier

Marine Mammal Researcher and GIS

BSc AgroParisTech engineer and MSc in Ecology, Biodiversity, Evolution, AgroParisTech, France

Anita Straume

Marine Mammal Researcher

BSc Environmental Management, Business Academy Aarhus University of Applied Sciences, Denmark

Marine Research and Conservation Team

Benedict Rickards

Coastal Ecology Researcher

BSc Zoology, University of Leeds, United Kingdom

Abigail Wookey

Coastal Ecology Researcher

BSc Marine Biology, Swansea University, UK

Guy Davis

Coastal Ecology Researcher

BSc Environmental science, University of Nottingham, UK

Nadine Mildner

Fisheries and Marine Conservation

MSc Biodiversity and Ecology, Bayreuth University, Germany

Tjitske Dalderup
(The Netherlands)


MA Aquaculture and Marine Resource Managment, Wageningen University, The Netherlands

Paula Romero de Blas

Microplastics Researcher

BSc Marine Sciences, University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

Celine Raulier

Microplastics Researcher

BSc Chemistry, Karel de Grote University College, Belgium

Ilse Hoen
(The Netherlands)

GIS applications for conservation

BSc Geo Media and Design, HAS University of Applied Science, The Netherlands

Tristan Alison

Seagrass Conservation

BSc Agronomy/Environmental management/ Biology (marine and terrestrial), AgrosupDijon, France

Alysia Daines-Ravn

Microplastics Researcher

MSc Environmental Science Management, Business Academy Aarhus University of Applied Sciences, Denmark

Lena Schenke

GIS application for conservation

BSc Environmental Management Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel, Germany

Terrestrial Research & Conservation Team

Joe Leggett

Zoology Researcher

BSc Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Science, University of the West of England (UWE)

Mayokun Irelewuyi

Zoology Researcher

BSc Biological Sciences, University of Essex, UK

Alan Doyle

Terrestrial Researcher

BSc Marine Geography, Cardiff University, UK

Raúl Dominguez

Ornithology Researcher

BSc Biology degree, Universitat de Girona, Spain

Charlie Rayner

Terrestrial Researcher

BSc Global Ecology and Wildlife Conservation University of Leicester, UK

Media & Public Relations Team

Brittani Conrad


IDSc Photography, Brigham Young University-Idaho, US

Kindness Hyde

Documentary Filmmaker

BSc Marine Ecology and BAc Film Making, Naropa University, US

Jolly Yang


BSc Zoology/Psychology, University of Queensland, Australia

Camille Gaudin


BSc Foreign Applied languages, Université de Bretagne Occidentale, France

Matthian Reid
(The Netherlands)

Video Editing and Animation

BAc Media, Design and Technology Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam, The Netherlands